lotus Heronine Journey Zion
Zion National Park, Utah, USA
June 13-21, 2014
Angel's Landing

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Experience the Change That Will Change Everything...

Calling All Evolutionary Women
Who Feel the Impulse to Awaken in a Magestic Setting!!

Emerald Pools
  Are you a woman who:
is succcessful in many areas of your life, yet are sensing a gap between where you are and the deep wholeness and joy that you came to this lifetime to express and experience?
wonders if there is a more effective way to be "powerful'" than the traditional masculine model?
senses the quickening of time, an evolutionary impulse that is arising all around the world, and wishes to contribute your gifts and talents in a powerful, meaningful way?
is ready for an adventure promising to catalyze the "Change That Will Change Everything" towards fulfilling your destiny path?

The impulse is awakening. Can you feel it?

It is the impulse to step into the flourishing of our lives and the fulfillment of our destinies. Many of us are feeling called to embark upon a journey through the internal landscape of our limiting beliefs, our false assumptions and our old identities, to finally and permanently clear the obstacles of our past so that we can emerge anew, empowered and ready to relate to others at a new level of consciousness, one that ends with the thriving of all.

The Heroine’s Journey Zion will take us on that internal adventure through a curriculum inspired by the teachings of the Feminine Power Global Community. The ancient archetypal Rites of Passage—preparation, threshold and transformation—will be used as a natural container for these teachings. The mystical archetypes of the Divine Feminine will also empower our every step.

Sharing this empowering journey with other women who are committed to the fullest flourishing of their lives has the potential for creating precious, deep and bonded lifetime relationships.

Combined with breathtaking hikes through the pristine and inspiring landscape of Zion National Park, Utah, and the opportunity to interact with the ancient history and culture of the area, this powerful and complete experience will offer a unique and adventurous opportunity for transformation at the deepest levels.


Save The Date!!!

Cost for The Heroine's Journey
Transformational Experience in Zion:

$500 deposit now to hold your space,
$1697 balance due by May 13, 2014

Price does not include:
Roundtrip Las Vegas, NV, USA travel and most meals

Trip Prerequisite Coaching:  We realize that this trip is not for everyone. To be sure that our journey is in alignment with your destiny path, we are requiring all those seriously interested in taking part in the journey to first take part in a 1.5 hour personal transformative coaching session with Marilyn Hager Adleman or Prem Glidden.

In this session, you will gain insight into our journey and your destiny path. You will also receive Soul guidance about your journey to a thriving life. If after the coaching session, you and Marilyn or Prem are in agreement that this trip is right for you, we will process your application.

We do charge a non-refundable $150 application fee for this prerequisite coaching, and the fee is payable at the time you apply for the trip.

Whether or not you come with us on the journey in Zion, the coaching session will give you tools for creating a thriving life going forward.

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transformational journey in Zion:

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Led by Marilyn Hager Adleman and Prem Glidden

Marilyn Hager AdlemanI am Marilyn Hager Adleman, your co-guide for this exciting transformational journey.

a healer, artist and Feminine Power Transformative Coach Educator and Group Facilitator, Feminine Power Senior Mastery Leader, a senior member of the Mastery Leadership Core, a Calling in "The One" Master Coach, and a Conscious Uncoupling Coach, I hae been personally trained by Katherine Woodward Thomas and Claire Zammit, Transformative Educators and co-creators of the Feminine Power Global Community.

I am a Licensed California Bodyworker, trained in a variety of modalaties from the Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing in Culver City, CA. I am also trained as a Birthing Doula.

For over 35 years I have held an aura of artistic alchemy as a Visionary Artist/Graphic Designer, Production Director, Director of Creativity and owner of Purple Fish Media, where I function as a book designer, illustrator and High Priestess of creative solutions for conscious business marketing in print, on the web and in multi-media communication.

My intention, in partnership with Prem, is to interweave our collective energies in service to nurturing your growth and transformation.

I have a vision for each one of us to live a life filled with exquisite love, depth of inner knowing, connection with others and fully flourishing purpose.

Visit EmpowerYourFeminine.com to download a free 30-minute audio 10 Tips for Navigating Your Thriving Life, an overview of my interpretation of the Feminine Power journey.


Prem GliddenI am Prem Glidden and I am so excited to co-guide this amazing trek in Zion National Park. I fell in love with Zion more than 20 years ago and have gone back to hike her beautiful pathways and swim in her clear mountain waters almost every year since then.

I am a healer, transformative coach and teacher deeply committed to “being the change I want to see in the world.”  I am a Certified Feminine Power Transformative Coach and Facilitator, a Certified Calling in “the One” Coach and a member of the Leadership Core of the Feminine Power Global Community, personally trained by Katherine Woodward Thomas and Claire Zammit, co-creators of the Feminine Power Global Community. 

Having been involved in natural healing work for over 30 years, I have always had an “intuition” in my hands and heart and a passion for working with others. 

My healing journey began as a home birth midwife and Co-Director of a Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Center in Fairbanks, AK. 

I have been blessed to study with many wonderful teachers over the years and am Certified in Clinical Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, Hawaiian energetics and the LifeLine Technique, trained directly by its founder Dr. Darren Weissman.

I am a Minister of Peace with the Beloved Community and was ordained by founder James Twyman.

I also co-founded a Sales and Marketing company for natural and organic products. 

My intention, in partnership with Marilyn, is to create a space for each of you to have an amazing journey, one that uplifts your heart and transforms you at the core of your being.

I look forward to sharing my love of this magical place with each of you, standing with you and for you in all that you intend to bring forward through this journey. Can’t wait to have you join us there!

Whitefeather, Kaye Special Guest, Whitefeather, aka, Kaye Robinson, local efficiato of all things indigenous, will grace us with her presence and share her sacred wisdom teachings in the first few days of our adventure. Her Black Foot heritage will bring us sacred knowlege of the plant and animal kingdom of the area and support us to build the container of connection with the sacred awareness that will have us travel through these lands, not as tourists, but as Pilgrims of Transformational Feminine Inspiration.



Save The Date!!!

Cost for The Heroine's Journey
Transformational Experience in Zion:

$500 deposit now to hold your space,
$1697 balance due by May 13, 2014

Price does not include:
Roundtrip Las Vegas, NV, USA travel and most meals

Enter your contact information below
to apply for this exclusive
transformational journey in Zion:

We respect your email privacy

Or call Marilyn for more information:

What women are saying about Marilyn Hager:

"I would like to extend a warm embrace and gratitude to Marilyn Hager for her leadership of our group. I felt you hold the space for us to discover, discuss and grow. Your light is beautiful and your comments and shares were thoughtful and inspiring. Thank you for walking your talk and supporting us."

—Ann, Feminine Power 7-week course participant

Marilyn, your gentle presence meant that there would always be someone there to keep the circle going. Your modeling and teaching us how to follow the course was wonderful and encouraging. Being prepared to expose your own learning in these teachings paved the way for us all to go deeper. Significantly for me I also felt your presence as a "friend" and felt truly seen by you."

—Jenny, Feminine Power 7-week course participant

"I want to say, me too! I appreciate you, Marilyn, for sharing of yourself so that we could learn from you and grow in our own understanding. You have touched my life. Many Thanks!"
—Lisa, Feminine Power 7-week course participant

"Marilyn, so many blessings and deep gratitude for your caring coaching and guidance. What a difference it makes to know your support and love as I work to transform old ways of being. New energies are so exciting!"

—Annie, Feminine Power Mastery course participant

"Marilyn, I want to express my deep sense of peace and partnership that came through following our session. You are brilliant and so generous with your gifts. Thank you very much. I am flowing over with deep rose/carmelized love."
—Christine, Feminine Power Mastery course participant

Explore all of Marilyn's Transformative Coaching and healing offerings at:

What women are saying about Prem Glidden:

"When I met Prem 5 years ago I was a single mom with low self-esteem and feeling pretty discouraged about the possibility of ever having the love and family I yearned for. Prem's wisdom and support on my journey has been invaluable. My life has changed into the direction I have always dreamt of during the last 5 years and I am very thankful to Prem for this. Today I am married to an amazing man who adores me and, in my mid-40's, have just given birth to a beautiful little girl. From the first session I have been hooked on her work. She has a wonderful understanding and I love her voice and all the love she brings. I can feel that is not just work but a passion." 
—Anniken L, Oslo, Norway

"When I drift too far from the shore, Prem guides me back gently and safely."
—P. Chicago, IL

"Prem literally pulled me out of my depression, accompanied me through the grief of my mom's illness and supported me during the transition of a long relationship. She helped me to see options when I thought I was stuck, to accept my mom's journey and to understand the impact of certain of my behaviors with my partner. I cannot stress enough how important her guidance has been for me in the last few years. She is full of love, kindness and just incredibly talented in what she does. Go and see her once and you will understand her uniqueness in one single and very simple session.
—Alex L, Chicago, IL

I am deeply grateful for having Prem Glidden in my life. I met Prem in 2007 and I have been working with her ever since. Prem has been my “rock” when going through the toughest times in my life and she has helped me tremendously with insights, support, love, and kindness. Her sessions are deeply transformational and have helped me make major breakthroughs and achieve higher levels of happiness, self-love, and well-being. I highly recommend Prem Glidden to anyone seeking more love, success, and support in their lives. She is amazing!"
—Marylin Stompler, author of Fat No More

I wanted to share some feedback from the Feminine Power course I took with Prem Glidden. It came along in my life at precisely the right time when I was ready to tackle crucial issues in my life as I transitioned from a 33-year career as an English professor to a developer of yoga/Jewish spirituality workshops. This course even provided a model for how such work can best be done! I loved the course and working with Prem.
—Love and Namaste, AnnMerle F, Northbrook, IL

Explore all of Prem's Transformative Coaching and healing offerings at:

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transformational journey in Zion:

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©2014 Marilyn Hager

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Trek Itinerary


DAY ONE: Friday, June 13th
Welcome to our Transformational Journey!
Arrive at Las Vegas International Airport, Nevada, USA. Airport pickup and transfer to Bumbleberry Inn, Springdale, Utah.
Meet and greet, transfer to hotel and hold Opening Council Circle. Preparation is complete and Separation from the familiar is under way!

Bumbleberry Inn

DAY TWO: Saturday, June 14th
Opening Ceremony and Emerald Pools

Early morning Opening Ceremony, breakfast and Intention Circle, lunch at the Zion Lodge, trail to Emerald pools, open dinner and evening to explore Springdale.
Align with the Great Mother archetype, overview of the Empowered Feminine and Heroine's Journey course structure, set intentions and begin weaving our transformational container for the journey.

Great Mother Ceremony ©Marilyn Hager Adleman

DAY THREE: Sunday, June 15th
Sacred Feminine Sites
Early morning visit sacred feminine sites, picnic lunch, afternoon teaching session, open dinner, evening group coaching session.
Awaken our relationship with ourselves to change our lives. The inner journey deepens.

Emerald Pools

DAY FOUR: Monday, June 16th
Swimming Hole
Early morning Yoga and meditation, breakfast, teaching session, lunch, secret swimming hole with waterfall, open dinner, group coaching.
Time to digest and integrate the journey up to this point, as we continue to spiral down into deeper inner space. Holding our intentions, we begin our exploration of our power to manifest our purpose.

Swimming Hole Prem Glidden

DAY FIVE: Tuesday, June 17th
Hike to Scout's Lookout
Morning hike, lunch to debrief, afternoon off, open dinner, evening group coaching.
Dropping into deep introspection to access the support of All of Creation as we embrace the "change that will change everything." Threshold day, the testing time of the heroine’s journey.

Angel's Landing Trail

DAY SIX: Wednesday, June 18th
Day of Inner Quiet and Rejuvenation
Morning yoga, classroom, pot luck picnic lunch and personal hike or soak in the hot tub, open dinner, group coaching.
Beginning an exploration of our power to uplift the world by turning now slowly back toward the way to Others.

River Walk

DAY SEVEN: Thursday, June 19th
Hike The Zion Narrows
Morning yoga, big breakfast, classroom, bring picnic lunch, hike The Zion Narrows, dinner, group coaching
Recognizing the Power of our Inner Radiance
Zion Narrows Trail

DAY EIGHT: Friday,
June 20th
Celebrate Your Transformed Self
Morning yoga and meditation, breakfast, classroom, afternoon for packing-up, closing ceremony. Afternoon transport to St. George. Come as our guest to a group dinner celebration. Early evening end in preparation for Solstice site visit at sunrise next morning.
Stepping into our Empowered Future Self

Celebration Your Transformed Self

DAY NINE: Saturday, June 21th
Sunrise visit to local Solstice site, breakfast, transport to Las Vegas International Airport for return flight home.
Anchoring into our Transformation and bringing our gifts back to Our People.
Solstice Petroglyphs


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About Zion

Wikipedia Factoids:
The lowest elevation is 3,666 ft (1,117 m) at Coalpits Wash and the highest elevation is 8,726 ft (2,660 m) at Horse Ranch Mountain.

Spring wildflowers bloom from April through June, peaking in May. Summer days are hot (95 °F to 110 °F; 35 °C to 43 °C), but overnight lows are usually comfortable (65 °F to 70 °F; 18 °C to 21 °C).

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Here is how Tanya Milligan describes Zion on her information-packed website:

"One place among the collection of National Parks and National Monuments shines above all the others. Utah's Zion National Park portrays the type of beauty that stops us in our tracks, gaping in awe. Nature's extreme forces and the violence of Mother Nature have created perfection in the heart of Utah's Color Country. Years of raging storms pitting ice, water and snow against rock have produced wondrous creations protected by the National Park Service and kept pristine for all the world to enjoy. Zion National Park is the glory of Utah!"

"Zion National Park in Utah ... is Spectacular!"

"Zion is often said to be the most beautiful place in America and time and time again, sparkling eyes raise to view the vast, breathtaking monoliths of the best of Utah's National Parks. Zion National Park unveils its eight layers of sandstone, displaying what has taken two-hundred-million years to carve and mold. This spectacular corner of Utah is a masterpiece of towering cliffs, deep red canyons, mesas, buttes and massive monoliths. Zion's fame is due to more than beauty, it can also boast on its geology, hiking, backpacking and some of the best scenic drives anywhere."

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History of East Zion from the East Zion Chamber of Commerce website:

"The word 'Zion' has many meanings and evokes various feelings. For those who have seen Zion, you need to know that it displays some of the greatest scenery that the world has to offer. A well known 1880 geologist once said: "Nothing can exceed the wondrous beauty of Zion in the nobility and beauty of the sculptures there is no comparison."

"Long ago, when the Paiute Indians roamed the Zion area, they were said to avoid the wind that blew through Zion Canyon each evening, and thus refused to stay in the canyon after dark. They called Zion Canyon, I-u-goone."

"Early Utah settlers viewed the towering monoliths as grand natural temples and named it "Little Zion," meaning "the heavenly city of God." Today we call this incredible section of Southern Utah, Zion National Park."

"The park is located in the Great Basin Desert, but this corner of the state is far from what one would picture as a hot and dry desert.  The land is forested with 3,000 foot high mountains, plateaus, canyons and creeks. Winding and twisting through the terrain is the Virgin River. This river is known for carving through tons of sandstone, over a multitude of time, to form Zion Canyon. East of the Zion-Mt. Carmel Tunnel, you will find the geological wonder, Checkerboard Mesa and some of the most incredible scenery in Zion National Park."